Madeline Young - Artist, Designer, Maker

Madeline Young - Artist, Designer, Maker

Madeline Young 

Artist  |  Designer  |  Maker

Madeline is an Australian artist living and working in Orange, NSW.  Madeline completed a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle in 2009 majoring in printmaking and photography. She has worked as the artist in residence at an educational institution from 2010 - 2014.  Madeline is currently the owner of The Corner Store Gallery in East Orange.  Through the gallery she hopes to share her love of all types of art and design.  Madeline also teaches regular workshops covering a range of materials and mediums ranging from watercolour techniques, crochet and weaving through to jewellery-making.

Madeline creates bold, vibrant, abstract artworks with a focus on colour, shape, pattern and structure.  She is fascinated by the finer details of the world around her, often overlooked in everyday life.  Since setting up her home studio in 2012 Madeline has moved away from printmaking and photography to painting as this medium is more accessible.  It’s the simple colour blocks suggestive of screen printing that resonate in her painting style.

Solo Exhibition

April 10th at The Corner Store Gallery in Orange