Madeline Young, After the Rainsml.jpg

Madeline Young is an Australian artist living and working in the thriving regional community of Orange, NSW. Madeline creates bold, vibrant, abstract artworks with a focus on colour, shape, pattern and structure. Madeline’s abstract compositions are inspired by the unique beauty of the Australian bush; the way dappled sunlight filters through the canopy, casting long rays of light and shadow and the distinctive blue-green of Eucalyptus leaves filling the air with their familiar scent. Madeline simplifies and exaggerates the shapes she finds in nature and uses blocks of colour to create works that, like the Australian bush, are simultaneously vibrant and serene.

Madeline is also a curator and owner of The Corner Store Gallery in Orange. The Corner Store Gallery was established in 2014 and has been providing artists and designers from all over Australia with a beautiful space to showcase their work and ideas for over 5 years. A small, independently run space exhibiting a diverse range of emerging and well-established artists specialising in a great variety of mediums.

Madeline also teaches regular workshops covering a range of materials and mediums ranging from watercolour techniques, abstract painting, macrame, crochet and weaving through to jewellery-making. Madeline has been teaching workshops to adults and children for over 14 years. See upcoming workshops here.