NATIVE - The Corner Store Gallery, November 2016

For this exhibition I have created bold, vibrant, abstract artworks with a focus on colour, shape, pattern and structure.  I am fascinated by the finer details of the world around me, often overlooked in everyday life.  Texture, pattern and detail are vital ingredients in my art-making process and help to create abstraction in normally recognisable forms.  This body of work focuses on the Banksia tree and its beautiful, sculptural seedpods and foliage.

I think the easiest way to describe my process is colour blocking.  You’ve heard of people who are “mark makers”, well I’m a “colour blocker”.  For this series, I’ve worked from photographs I took while at Merimbula on the South Coast.  It’s so beautiful there and there’s a great variety of native plants.  I muck around with the photos a lot in Photoshop, changing and exaggerating the colours.  I then select “blocks” of colour which simplifies the subject to its’ most basic forms and shapes, then I paint the image which then changes again.  It’s a similar process I use to create artwork when I screen print.

Noise - The Corner Store Gallery, December 2014

Noise is based on signal interruption on digital televisions.  I took photographs of the screen and manipulated and distorted them into colourful, graphic digital images.  The images are then screen-printed and etched incorporating other mediums to add colour and texture.

Noise was exhibited at my art gallery The Corner Store Gallery in Orange NSW, in December, 2014.

The "Pop-Up" Show - The Corner Store Gallery, April 2014

Before The Corner Store Gallery was officially opened, we had a little trial run.  In April 2014 the first Corner Store Gallery exhibition was held, a little "Pop-Up" show exhibiting a few future artists and designers of the Gallery.  The artists and designers involved were Amelia Herbertson, Ellie Hannon, Madeline Young, Liam Fallon, Curtis Peasley, Maggie Warrel and Ben Foster.  The exhibition included art from across many different mediums, painting, drawing, sculpture (recycled and new), photography, book art, stencil art and jewellery.

Impressions of Light - The Old Convent, December 2011

Impressions of Light included several series I worked on in 2011, my first year as Artist in Residence at Kinross Wolaroi School.  Sadly (and most frustratingly) all the photographs of this exhibition have been lost.  Luckily I have images of the singular works themselves!  The first series, Carey, is composed of liquid emulsion photographs (originally digital photographs).  The second, Bingle Street Nudes, is a collection of random and sometimes disturbing silver gelatin photographs taken in the share house I used to live in in Newcastle.  Some screen prints made from these series were also displayed.

Escape - Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle, 2009

Escape was exhibited at The University of Newcastle art gallery Watt Space.  It featured some of the work created in my last two years of uni, traditional and alternative photographs and some screen prints and etchings.